Hey there y’all! I pray and hope everyone is taking the steps we are required to take to keep our world and family healthy. Due to WHO and our President informing people of social distancing, I myself am going to do my best to follow procedures for healthier days. As some of you know, IContinue reading “Corona-Virus!”

Quick PixXx

Stop playing in my emails, come show me those playful skills in person…when you’re ready I am willing. All you need to do is screen baby screen 💞

Itsa Quiz!

This month I’d like to do a quiz every week …if you can guess the correct answer I am offering $50. off dance rate or free trial to Italia’s Only Fans. Guessing from my favorite movies, books, music/songs etc…at the end of the month I will offer he who participated (played) the most BCD, aContinue reading “Itsa Quiz!”


THESE ARE RATES FOR GENTLEMEN WHO HAVE MET ME WITHIN THE PAST 2 MONTHS If you have not been screened THESE RATES are not for you just yet… please click on this link to be screened –> {♡} SPECIAL FOR RETURNING VIEWERS Hour 250 ~ Half Hour 160 ~ LOCALS ONLY

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